Space Heaters

What you should know about space heaters

Space heaters are useful tools designed for maintaining low costs during the cold winter nights. In fact, a space heater allows the user to turn it off for the whole house and instead heat one or two rooms at any given time. These tools are very useful. However, it is difficult to decide the one to purchase and use. You can learn more here about space heaters. When buying a space heater, there are several things you need to take into consideration. They include:


The actual size of space heater is quite important. If you have a large room, then you should go for a larger heater. You can use a formula to figure out the amount of BTUs that the heater should produce. You can multiply its width times the height times length of your room. The result you get times three. The number is the amount of BTUs required to heat your room effectively. The right space heater for every room needs to have the correct amount of BTUs for the room.

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If you are purchasing it from a local store, you can ask attendants to turn it on. In this way, you can see the heat that is produced and the extent the surfaces get hot. The majority of space heater models have temperature control, which ensures you can set temperature for your room and the space heater will heat your room to that given temperature. This can save you money as the heater does not run constantly.


You need to decide the amount of money you can spend on a space heater. Cheapest space heaters are electric ones. Expensive heaters are made from natural and propane gas. If you know your budget beforehand, it becomes easy to make a sound decision. You should check labels on heaters before purchasing. Remember that you need a heater that is an energy saver.

Safety is quite important as far as selecting a space heater is concerned. You should note that the heater will be on as you sleep. Thus, the heater ought to be completely safe. Some of the things to look for include:

  • Keep heater away from water
  • Avoid using it near combustible materials such as fires, oils, or gas
  • Unplug it when not in use
  • Keep babies and children away
  • Avoid using a heater with an extension cord


This is the final aspect to take into consideration when buying a space heater. Nowadays, there are several designs and type of heaters.