Tips for buying a handheld shower


A nice shower can quickly rejuvenate your body. For people working for long hours, a quality shower can help ease your tiredness and help you sleep. And as you know, a good rest makes you healthy and ready to face the following day’s challenges. To enjoy your shower, you need to make sure you have the best handheld with detachable sprayers shower fitted in your bathroom. A good shower head allows you to adjust the warmth or temperatures of the water you need, for you to enjoy your bath. It also must fit well with your overall home plumbing among other things. Since bathing is a daily routine for you and your family, you need to make sure you buy the best overhead shower for your bathroom. If you have no idea on how to find the best handheld shower, then written here are some tips to guide you.

Know your existing plumbinghandhledshower

When you want to buy a new handheld shower, you should know your house’s plumbing connections. Knowing how water flows through the pipes of your home will help you understand any necessary changes that may be needed for your showerhead to work correctly. However, many shower heads have been standard designed to work with most home water connections.

Bathroom style

You need to select a showerhead that matches your overall bathroom design. If you have a tiny bathroom, then there is no need to buy a huge handheld shower. Also if you have a beautiful and well-designed bathroom, you need to take your time and buy a beautiful handheld shower that matches the bathroom.


Quality is essential when buying a shower. You need to buy a gadget that will serve you for longer. And to get quality, you need to search the internet, read reviews and even visit different stores to see what they have in stores. You can also differentiate quality by knowing the various brands that manufacture handheld shower.

Energy efficiency

handhledshower11Quality handheld showers come with a temperature adjusting knobs or buttons. To truly enjoy your bath, you need to choose the water temperatures that suits you. However, this not to come at the expense of your electric cost. That is why you need to select an energy efficient shower that gives quality at the same time saving you money.



When you set out to buy a handheld shower, you should make sure you have enough money. Shower heads cost differently depending on their quality and brand. And to get the best you need to have enough cash.