Unlocking The iPhone 6


Unlocking iPhone has become a common practice among individuals who are using this kind of phone. With the demand for iPhone 6 has increased it has led to the increment of unlocking options or methods availability in the market. Therefore there are different methods employed by individuals to unlock their iPhone 6. When unlocking is carried out, a person will able to use various service providers on his iPhone 6. The best iPhone unlock service to use by the user of the phone will usually depend on the place where the iPhone service provider is suited. The following are the standard methods of unlocking the iPhone 6.


Use of a software

mnmnmnmnmnSoftware unlocking involves downloading a piece of software to the iPhone which in the process will provide changes to the internal configuration of the phone and thus allowing a person to make calls from any service provider. Currently, this type of method won’t on iPhone 6 since the loopholes which existed and were used by hackers was closed by the Apple team of professionals.

Hardware unlocking

In this method of hardware unlocking, the physical hardware of an individual’s iPhone is altered so that the calls are redirected to another path inside the path, and as a result, the sim card of another service provider will be used on the phone. The method can be used to unlock the iPhone 6, but it can be dangerous since not good results may be achieved after the completion process.

Use of a Gevey Sim

The use of a given sim is whereby a delicate piece of equipment is placed together with the real sim card of the phone from the other service provider. Afterward, individual places or inserts them into the iPhone. In the process, the iPhone 6 will have an impression that a person is inserting a real sim card. The people of China invented the Gevey Sim method. The method is not efficient, and one may run into various troubles when using it.

Network or IMEI unlocking

mnmnmnmnhhgThe network or IMEI unlocking is the safest method of unlocking iPhone 6, and excellent results are attained. IMEI is the unique identifying code that each iPhone 6 process and is stored in the apple’s database plus all the details concerning one’s phone. The details contained are the year the iPhone was manufactured, memory size, the model number, the color and if it is locked or not. It involves an individual accessing to the IMEI database so that the phone’s status can be changed from locked to unlocked.…

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