Why Many Filipinos Want to Work Abroad

working abroad

It is not surprising to meet Filipinos working in foreign countries like Dubai and the united states. Many Filipinos prefer to work abroad for various reasons. The truth is that the employment situation in other countries is attractive compared to what is offered in their home country. Everyone who goes to look for greener pastures abroad has unique reasons.

However, it is fair enough to say that many Filipinos who work overseas have common reasons for leaving their home country. The OFW stories reflect the stories of Filipinos living and working abroad. Here are reasons why many Filipinos work abroad:

Good compensation

The poor compensation offered in the Philippines are forcing manypacked bags to work abroad professionals to seek alternative employment abroad. It is sad to note that even the skilled professionals like nurses and engineers are not well-paid in the Philippines.

The trend of poor compensation is forcing professionals to seek employment in other countries. It is surprising to note that even the unskilled professionals like the domestic staff are well-paid abroad compared to professionals back at home.

Unemployment rate

The unemployment rate in the Philippines is forcing graduates to seek employment abroad. After graduating from college, it is only fair to get a job, but this is not what happens in the country. Most people graduate from college only to meet the competitive job market. The lack of jobs in the local market forces many graduates to look for jobs abroad. It is easy for Filipinos to get a job in Dubai and other countries even when they cannot get jobs in their home country.

Gain global experience

Many people want to look for a job abroad so that they can gain global experience. Gaining global experience is good for career advancement. After working abroad for some time, it becomes easy to get a job in the Philippines. Employers are always looking for someone who can bring some foreign experience in the workplace. After working abroad for some time, it is also easy to set up a business in the home country.

going abroad to work

Influence of friends and family

The truth is that some of the Filipinos prefer to work abroad due to influence from friends and family. If most of your friends and family members are already working abroad, then you might be forced to follow the path and work abroad. Your peers might also help you in finding a job abroad.…

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