Tips To Buying A Turtleneck Outfit


Turtle necks are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe that has stood the test of time. They have never gone out of fashion and are a perfect piece regardless of age, season or style. When one thinks of the turtle neck the classic collars that fit closely to the neck and fold down to make a thick collar is what comes to mind. However, there is also the mock turtleneck which is less bulky and uses a single layer of material to cover the neck.

Lastly, is the cowl turtleneck which is wide, a funnel-shaped collar that hangs loosely around the neck and does not cover it at all. Irrespective of your body shape or personal style, you can get a turtleneck perfect for your closet. How then does one go about shopping for that versatile turtleneck to add to their closet?

Tips To Buying A Turtleneck Outfit

Fabric, Texture and Qualitycpoiuytrertyuiuyt

Turtlenecks can be made from different fabrics that have various textures and come in different styles. The materials range from lightweight knit jersey material to cashmere, tweed, cable and ribbed knit. Having an idea of the fabric will help you make a better decision when purchasing. Quality also depends on the fabric and framing of the turtleneck. It is good to read the description and understand what the fabric is.

Shape and Size

Knowing your body size will assist you as you buy the turtleneck. Ensure purchase a turtleneck that suits your body type. Be sure to fit the top before purchasing. It is recommended to choose a darker color or buy a size larger for this tends to fit closer to the body.

Style and Design

Turtleneckclkjhgfdsdfgh come is a variety of style and design. From sweaters to dresses to jackets. Likewise, the length of the sleeve varies. There are long sleeves that end at the wrist and others near the fingers, short sleeves and sleeveless. Turtlenecks are usually made with plain color range. To remember different designs fit different looks, times and seasons. Likewise, different styles and fabrics are also suited for various situations.

Finally, consider what you are willing to spend when planning to buy the black & white turtleneck. What will guide the cost of the purchase? Is it the style, design, quality or fabric. Likewise, before making the purchase one should learn about the different necklines available. Lastly, one should find an outfit that will best suit the occasion and need.…

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