Advantages Of Stamped Concrete Over Pavers

5y6uyhtgBuying a home is a worthy investment. Being a home owner, one will always work to ensure that the value of their home increases as well. As a result, one may opt to beautify their patio. There are two types of concrete materials one can use.

These materials are stamped concrete and pavers. These materials are both affordable options, and they add aesthetic value to your property. Most people find themselves stuck when it comes to choosing which material to go for. In this article, we look at the advantages of stamped concrete over pavers to make you choose it over pavers.

Stamped concrete benefits over pavers

1. Safety

One of the aspects we compare is the safety of the materials. One should determine the safety of using both materials and choose the safest option now that each material has got its safety concerns. Being a continuous slab, stamped concrete is safer than pavers. The main concern being sliding when it is wet which can be taken care by doing it yourself techniques to prevent that. More to that, the stamped concrete is smooth all the way, which eliminates certain dangers like tripping among others. It also does not break, but it cracks which does not pose any hazards to the user. The pavers, on the other hand, may get potholes, or the crevices at the joints may cause a tripping accident if one is not careful.

2. Aesthetic value

Though both materials are known to beautify your property, stamped concrete has a much greater effect on this. This being because the stamped concrete can be made to look like any other material one would want making it more beautiful. One can also play around with patterns and colors and come up with something unique. Pavers, on the other hand, may not be as beautiful as stamped concrete and also one does not have much choice when selecting patterns.

3. Usability and maintenance

Stamped concrete is easy to use and maintain. The main maintenance is sealing which may be done after a couple of years. This helps one cut down on maintenance cost. They are also durable as compared to pavers. Pavers have high maintenance costs. One may be required to fill the gaps between the pavers with sand as often as possible in a bid to maintain its beauty and ensure the safety of the users.t54yu76i87ytr5

4. The cost

The major costs compared here are the installation and maintenance costs. For stamped concrete, the initial cost of installation is very high as compared to that of installing pavers. However, since it does not need regular maintenance one does not incur maintenance costs or very little if any maintenance work is to be done. So long as the installation is done properly, then maintenance is not necessary. Pavers have low installation costs, but the maintenance costs tend to shoot up given the frequency of the maintenance.

Making your outdoor beautiful requires that you select a material that you will find suits your needs better. For instance, the stamped concrete nh is available in different designs, colors and prices which makes it more usable and easy to maintain that pavers. These factors can help you as you consider choosing stamped concrete over pavers for this purpose.